Convert Leads

Converting_LeadsStep 3: Converting Qualified Leads

Just having a website is not enough to have leads rolling in. Understanding your Buyer Personas and their individual buying process will allow you to increase the number of qualified leads for your business.

Many companies come to us because they are not seeing any ROI from their Internet marketing efforts. Often, clients may be generating traffic but struggle to generate the qualified leads that their sales people are seeking.

By digging deep into your companies buyer persona's or target markets for your products or services we uncover opportunities to begin converting leads.

We look for opportunities that are split up among 3 main categories of the buyers journey. The Learners at the top of the sales funnel (ToFu), the Shoppers in the middle (MoFu), and the Buyers at the bottom of the slaes funnel (BoFu).

By creating content that speaks to each of those types of prospects, we will increase the conversion rate of your website and turn visitors into leads.

Landing_PagesLanding Pages

Also known as Squeeze Pages, landing pages are designed and measured on their effectiveness to convert a prospect into a lead.

Landing pages are the workhorses of modern Internet marketing. They are those pages where you direct Web traffic to have your visitors take a specific action. A landing page needs to be free from distractions and with one goal in mind, such as completing a contact form or clicking on a link for further information.


Calls-To-ActionCall To Action (CTA)

Understanding the buyer's journey from prospect to customer is imperative. Building CTA's that convert and get the prospect's attention is just the first step.

Effective calls to action "make" your website visitors click on a link to complete a desired action. They should be used thoughtfully and follow best practices design principles.


Conversion Forms

Asking the right questions at the right time and understanding social currency is important for conversion forms to work effectively.

Social currency is the Internet's give and take method. Your website visitors will decide whether your offer is good enough to give up some of their information. Essentially, the more you give, the more you get in return.

Therefore, conversion forms need to be carefully designed to accomplish your goals.

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